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Apartments Le Vigne


A prestigious and extremely comfortable solution so that you can spend wonderful days in the Tuscan countryside and appreciate all the masterpieces of Italian art the area offers. These splendid apartments are set in an ancient stone country house, built using the harmonious volumes and elegant simplicity that are a feature of the beauty of the rural architecture of this region. The building has been restored by local workmen using only local construction methods and materials. The beautiful, sophisticated interiors are rustic in style and provide all the comforts you could need.

The house is divided into two floors with separate entrances from the exterior.


Composed of 2 units with independent entrance


Lime plastered walls
White washed hand-glossed oak interior doors with bronze handles
Tuscan terracotta flooring, shaped and treated with oil
Bathroom walls in large dressed stone slabs and opus incertum stone flooring
Ceiling with small terracotta vaults.
Doors and windows
White washed hand-glossed oak interior doors with bronze handles
Windows double-glazed to the legal standard
Decorative linen curtains with specially designed wrought iron curtain rails

· Built area mq.269
· Can be divided into 2 separate units:
· 1 mq.103 2 mq. 166
· Shared garden area mq. 2507
· Shared swimming pool area mq. 35

· Built area mq.200
· Can be divided into 3 separate units:
(studio apart.) 3 mq.60 4 mq.75 5 mq.57
· Shared corridor mq.8
· Shared stair terrace mq.58
· Shared garden area mq.2507
· Shared swimming pool area mq.35

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