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Say "I do" in the warm surroundings of Castel Monastero. Make your wedding an unforgettable event for you and your guests. This is what getting married in our wonderful resort and in the most romantic and charming setting in Tuscany means. This is what letting our team help you organise the happiest day of your life means.

What is a wedding? It is the first ceremony that a couple is involved in together. It is a new, enchanting, exciting way to say "we are together". This is why every little detail has to be about you. This is why the best Italian and international wedding planners recommend Castel Monastero to their most important clients.

Why Castel Monastero? Because it is unique and exclusive. Castel Monastero is an enchanting 11th century hamlet that offers only the most sophisticated Italian hospitality.  In the centre of the hamlet there is a square surrounded by splendid Medieval and Renaissance buildings, and a delightful little church dedicated to Saint Jacob and Saint Christopher. A cosy setting soon to be filled with your immense love for each other.

Why Castel Monastero? Because we can organise a magnificent reception in our restaurants, or turn the square into the perfect open air reception area, or welcome guests under the shelter of the most spectacular marquee.

Why Castel Monastero? Because we will celebrate your happy day with a fantastic firework display, because we have already prepared the most wonderful suite for you, because your family and dearest guests, can be with you before and after the ceremony, and because our splendid spa is all ready to offer you the best massage you've ever had.  What more could you need? The first to kiss the bride will be the beauty of Tuscany.

Wedding Ceremonies

You will be given a warm welcome by one of the most beautiful regions in Italy and its magnificent artworks...

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Wedding reception

A very special day at the dinner table, too. For your wedding, the chefs of Castel Monastero offer you the best menus featuring...

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Wedding Planner

To ensure that your wedding in Tuscany is truly perfect, and that everything is absolutely unique and original, Castel Monastero...

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