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23 km from Castel Monastero

The past lives on in Siena.

It colours the present with its warmth and energy. Spend a day in Siena, a few minutes from Castel Monastero, and you will rediscover the intact beauty of the Medieval and Renaissance. Art and traditions are everywhere, from Piazza del Campo with its Torre del Mangia to the Palazzo Pubblico in which the portrait of Guidoriccio Folignano- attributed to Simone Martini- may be admired, as well as frescoes by Ambrogio Lorenzetti which depict the landscape of the Crete Senesi, a stone’s throw from Castel Monastero.

The Palio, a tradition since 1656, is a moment of absolute euphoria. It has two fixed dates: 2 July and 16 August. Ten of the seventeen contrade (districts) of the city compete in the race. It is an unforgettable celebration, to be followed in its rituals and encounters throughout the year.


50 km from Castel Monastero

In the heart of the Chianti region lies a classic destination for a truly gourmet holiday in Tuscany.
First comes wine, a masterpiece of flavour, colour and scent, flanked by oil of extraordinary personality. The pleasure of a refined tasting and a walk in the historic centre, between the 15th century walls and the evocative “Via delle Volte”, is not to be missed.

It is surrounded by sweet nature, dotted with the remains of Etruscan civilisation.

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