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This page provides details of the privacy policy adopted by Castel Monastero S.r.l. on its websites with reference to the processing of the personal data of users who access its websites.
The following information notice is provided pursuant to Article 13 of European Regulation 679/2016 for persons who interact with the web services of Castel Monastero S.r.l., which are accessible online.
This information is also based on Recommendation no. 2/2001, which the European data protection authorities, assembled in the Data Protection Working Party that was established under Article 29 of Directive 95/46/EC, adopted on 17/05/2001 in order to identify the minimum requirements that needed to be implemented to protect the online collection of personal data, as well as the minimum measures that must be implemented in relation to persons who access web pages in order to guarantee the fairness and lawfulness of such processing.

Data controller
Accessing this website may give rise to the processing of data related to identified and identifiable persons. The "Data Controller" for the processing of these personal data is Castel Monastero S.r.l. with registered office in Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI) Località Monastero D’Ombrone 19 – 53019.

Data Protection Officer
The Data Protection Officer is Ecoconsult S.r.l. with registered office in Milan, Via Goldoni, 1, which can be contacted at the following email address dpo@ecoconsult.it

Location of Personal Data Processing - Profiling
The website of Castel Monastero S.r.l. may be visited without having to provide any personal data.  Personal data provided via internet to Castel Monastero S.r.l. are processed at its website manager in Santa Margherita di Pula, Strada Statale no. 195 km 39,600 and at its administration office in Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI) Località Monastero D’Ombrone 19 - 53019

The personal data is processed only by technical staff specifically tasked with data processing and, occasionally, by persons assigned to carry out any maintenance operations. Visitors who use the booking request form and the e-newsletter registration form, must provide personal data (name, surname, address, email address, telephone number, etc.) and give authorisation for them to be processed. Personal data acquired through the internet services offered by Castel Monastero S.r.l. is held in Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI) Località Monastero D’Ombrone 19 – 53019, at the Forte Village Resort hotel complex and at the premises of external companies that are essential to the performance of the services concerned (e.g. software houses, server farms and web agencies). The data is processed only by technical staff tasked with data processing or by persons assigned to carry out occasional maintenance work. Furthermore, the company will not perform data processing using automated decision-making processes without requesting express consent for such processing.

Categories of data processed
Navigation data

During their normal course of operation, the computer systems and software procedures used to operate this website collect some personal data, the transmission of which is implicit in the use of internet communication protocols. These data are not collected in order to be associated with identified data subjects; however, due to their nature, they could, through processing and in combination with data held by third parties, enable users to be identified. This category of data includes the IP addresses or domain names of computers used by users to access the website, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of the requested resources, the time the request was made, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the files obtained in response, the numeric code indicating the status of the response given by the server and other parameters related to the user’s operating system and computing environment. These data are used for the sole purposes of extracting anonymous statistical information on the use of this website and for checking that it is working correctly. In addition, the data may be used to ascertain any liability in the event of hypothetical cybercrimes against the website: unless these circumstances apply, the personal data are stored for no more than thirty days. 

Castel Monastero S.r.l. does not automatically collect and / or withdraw any personal information from users of their websites. This website uses cookies as required by the provision of the Italian Data Protection Authority of 4th June 2014.
Cookies are portions of code installed in the browser that allow the Data Controller in providing the service based on the purposes described. Some of the purposes of installing cookies could also require the consent of the user.

Technical and aggregate statistical cookies
Activities strictly necessary for operation
This application uses cookies to save the user session and to perform other activities that are strictly necessary for the functioning of the website, for example the distribution of web traffic. Activity of saving preferences, optimization and statistics
This application uses cookies to save browsing preferences and enhance the user's browsing experience. These cookies include, for example, those for setting the language and currency or for managing statistics by the site owner.
Other types of cookies or third-party tools that could make use of them Some of the services listed below collect aggregate statistics and may not require the consent of the user or could be managed directly by the Data Controller - depending on what is described - without the help of third parties.
If among the tools indicated below were present services managed by third parties, these could - in addition to what is specified and even without the knowledge of the Data Controller - track the User. For detailed information on this, please consult the privacy policies of the listed services.

The services contained in this section allow the Data Controller to monitor and analyse traffic data and are used to keep track of User behaviour.
The table below shows the cookies used on the site:

Name: DivasCookiesBanner
Value: yes
Domain: www.castelmonastero.com 
Expires/Max-age: 2019-09-01T07:36:34.000Z 

Value: 4of8iap30b1cs17i1p4pmbdm1i
Domain: cube.blastness.info
Expires/Max-age: chiusura del browser
Il cookie PHPSESSID è un cookie nativo di PHP e consente ai siti Web di memorizzare dati sullo stato della sessione

Value: oodd2tt43ks7orqj7cftpgddgc
Domain: www.castelmonastero.com 

Name:  __stripe_mid
Value: 83e84e6a-2493-4e54-8b46-c657f673064d
Domain: .fontawesome.com
Expires/Max-age:  2020-08-12T08:27:30.000Z 

Name: __utma
Value: 204925314.829212157.1564492472.1565786853.1566395236.15
Domain: .castelmonastero.com 
Expires/Max-age:  2021-08-20T13:47:25.000Z

Name:  __utmb
Value: 204925314.3.10.1566395236
Domain:  .castelmonastero.com 
Expires/Max-age:  2019-08-21T14:17:25.000Z 

Name:  __utmc
Value: 204925314
Domain:  .castelmonastero.com 

Name:  __utmt_UA-4431802-6
Value: 1
Domain:  .castelmonastero.com
Expires/Max-age:  2019-08-21T13:57:15.000Z 

Name:  __utmz
Value: 204925314.1565771322.13.6.utmcsr=google|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=(not%20provided)
Domain:  .castelmonastero.com 
Expires/Max-age:  2020-02-20T01:47:25.000Z 

Name:  _ga
Value: GA1.2.2097543796.1566311108
Domain:  .gstatic.com
Expires/Max-age:  2021-08-19T14:25:22.000Z 
Third-party tracking cookie (Google Analytics) used to analyze visits.

Name:  _ga
Value: GA1.2.422669084.1565079489
Domain:  .fontawesome.com 
Expires/Max-age:  2021-08-12T08:27:13.000Z 
Third-party tracking cookie (Google Analytics) used to analyze visits.

Name:  _gid
Value: GA1.2.1363383473.1566311108
Domain:  .gstatic.com 
Expires/Max-age:  2019-08-21T14:25:22.000Z 
This cookie name is associated with Google Universal Analytics. It archives and updates a unique value for each page visited.

Name:  mp_153b95f810bd70752a0f1f7e63f16ad2_mixpanel
Value: %7B%22distinct_id%22%3A%20%2216c6601c9625bb-00cf94100b4c35-c343162-1fa400-16c6601c9638e3%22%2C%22%24device_id%22%3A%20%2216c6601c9625bb-00cf94100b4c35-c343162-1fa400-16c6601c9638e3%22%2C%22%24initial_referrer%22%3A%20%22%24direct%22%2C%22%24initial_referring_domain%22%3A%20%22%24direct%22%7D
Domain:  .fontawesome.com 
Expires/Max-age:  2020-08-12T08:27:13.000Z  

How may I check cookies installation?
In addition to what is indicated in this document, the user can manage the preferences for cookies directly within its browser and prevent - for example - that third parties can install them. Through the browser preferences it is also possible to delete the cookies installed in the past, including the cookie in which the consent to the installation of Cookies by this site is eventually saved.
Please note that by disabling all cookies, the operation of this website may be compromised. The User can find information on how to manage Cookies in the browser at the following addresses: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Windows Explorer. In the case of services provided by third parties, the User can also exercise the right to oppose the tracking inquiring through the privacy policy of the third party, via the opt out link if explicitly provided or by contacting it directly.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Data Controller informs that the User can use Your Online Choices (https://www.youronlinechoices.com/). Through this service it is possible to manage the tracking preferences of most advertising tools. The Data Controller therefore advises Users to use this resource in addition to the information provided in this document.
Optional nature of providing the data

With the exception of what has been specified in relation to navigation data, the user is free to provide the personal data needed to request that information or other types of services offered by Castel Monastero S.r.l. be sent to him/her. Failure to provide the data may prevent the user from obtaining the service requested.

Processing methods
Personal data are processed by automatic means for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected and, in any event, in accordance with the principles of necessity, purpose, relevance and avoiding excess set out under the Regulation. Specific security measures are followed to prevent data loss, unlawful or improper uses and unauthorised access.

Rights of data subjects
Articles 15 - 22 of the Regulation entitle data subjects to exercise specific rights. The Regulation establishes the right to obtain from the Data Controller confirmation of the existence or otherwise of their personal data and the right to have such data made available in a comprehensible manner, the right to know the data source and the reason and purpose for which it is being processed; the right to request its deletion, transformation into an anonymous form or to object to any unlawful processing of their data,  as well as to request the update, correction, or where applicable, to have incomplete personal data completed; and to object, for legitimate reasons, to the processing. Additionally, the European regulation gives the data subject the right to lodge a complaint to the Data Protection Authority, the right to withdraw consent at any time and the right to data portability. To exercise these rights, you may contact our company directly at Castel Monastero S.r.l., Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI) Località Monastero D’Ombrone 19 – 53019 or writing to privacycmr@castelmonastero.com Pursuant to Regulation (EU) 679/2016:

The Data Controller is Castel Monastero S.r.l., with registered office in Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI) Località Monastero D’Ombrone 19 – 53019, acting through its pro tempore legal representative.

The Data Protection Officer is Ecoconsult S.r.l., with registered office in Milan, Via Goldoni, 1 wich can be contacted at the following address: dpo@ecoconsult.it

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