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  • Check-out: 29/Lug/2019
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Covid-19 Infos

Tuscany Open Air

Safety, Privacy and Wide Spaces

We have been working hard to set in place the highest health and safety protocols to ensure this summer a safe stay for everyone according to the World Health Organization guidelines. In addition, with the support of a Scientific Medical Committee, some extra measures are being introduced to enable you to enjoy the most serene holiday, in a protected environment, without excessive restrictions on movement, which would compromise the quality of your experience.


Castel Monastero is working to prepare for the summer season and implement the highest safety protocols to protect the health of its guests and staff, according to the guidelines shared by the World Health Organization and with the support of a Committee Scientific Doctor, to activate further hygiene and control measures that will allow you to spend a peaceful and carefree holiday, in a safe environment without excessive limitations that distort the spirit and enjoyment


A training program on all the prevention and protection measures for all the members of staff will be implemented to guarantee their own and all guests’ safety

All our employees will undergo a regular cycle of tests

Strict procedures for suppliers and technical assistance firms accessing the Resort are already in place


A protocol for sanitizing twice a day all common areas and surfaces with state-of-the-art certified equipment will be implemented

Sanitization of the common areas, will also include streets, sports facilities, swimming pools, bicycles before and after delivery, as well as golf cars

The sanitizing protocol will also be applied to the guests’ rooms

Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the property

Appropriate distancing will be guaranteed on the the swimming pools as well as the sanitization of sunbeds, walkways and other materials, using eco-friendly products with low environmental impact

In the swimming pool, as usual, a daily check of the water parameters and the chlorine level will be carried out to ensure continuous disinfection

Hygiene and sanitation rules for drivers and vehicles used for the private transfer services will be guaranteed Guests’ luggage will be sanitized before being delivered to the room


Different types of accommodation, each with its own personality, meet the most demanding expectations of privacy: from the suites with private gardens and patio, or a Villa with its private garden wich make a sort of small holiday home.


Outdoors in our beautiful 1100 Court or indoors in private rooms, to ensure privacy and security with a la carte service.


Possibility to make individual sports with personal trainers, and facilities that allow you to practice most of the sports outdoors.


Energy treatments and rituals in private cabins following maximum safety standards.

Individual Yoga and Pilates lessons in private and outdoor spaces

Open air gym

We are pleased to inform our estimated clients that a Green Pass or a negative swab test taken 48 hours prior to the arrival dates will be mandatory in order to stay at Castel Monastero. Also, please note that it would be possible to take the swab test on site with an additional cost upon reservation (for information, please contact directly our Front Office Team at ricevimento@castelmonastero.com).