You are in the land of the Renaissance where proportion and balance are everything. Could there be a more beautiful and harmonious place to get back in shape, detox your body and rejuvenate yourself? The splendid spa at the luxury hotel Castel Monastero in Tuscany is the perfect place.  In our two traditional old elegant Tuscan villas, just a stone's throw from the hamlet, you can try out the extraordinary Slimming, Detox and Anti Age treatments.

Complementing these treatments and enhancing their effect is the amazing "Aquae Monasteri" course with its high saline density sea oil pool, designed exclusively for our spa by the medical team of Thalasso del Forte, the spa at Forte Village, a World's Leading Resort since 1998.

But that's not all. In the healthy, peaceful setting of hills of the Chianti region, the extremely discreet Castel Monastero spa has been chosen by internationally recognised medical centres providing plastic and aesthetic surgery, for post-op convalescence after reshaping and rejuvenating operations, for both men and women.

If you’re looking for inner harmony, just close your eyes and inhale the warmth of the nature all around you. In the woods, the countryside and the wonderful garden around Castel Monastero and its spa, you can try some intensely energising yoga sessions, led by internationally renowned qualified instructors.

Age limits:

Access to the spa is not allowed under 16 years old.

New for this year are:

  • Medical beauty treatments
  • Osteopathy and somato-emotional release techniques
  • Acupuncture sessions
  • Positive thinking sessions and weekends
  • Women's Planet: a choice of programmes and activities aimed at women covering everything from aesthetic to emotional aspects.


  • Lose weight

    Designed for people with obesity or presenting localised fat or who simply feel “out of shape” and wish to lose weight.

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  • Detox

    Designed to free the body of the toxins which accumulate due to intense, irregular lifestyles and an unsuitable diet. Poor digestion.

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  • ANTI - AGE

    Designed for people experiencing general imbalance which manifests itself in a lack of energy or irritability or poor-quality sleep.

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    The Castel Monastero spa is a place of refuge where you won’t be overcrowded by events. A place to listen to the messages...

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    The Berber Massage is a unique experience.

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    Enchanting couple sensory experience to dive yourself in a wonderful universe of beauty and totally transform your skin with the power of innovative active principals.

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